When thinking about your infant, there are a lot of different factors to be concerned about. From feeding to changing your infant, taking care of your baby is a big job. People often forget just how important physical contact is for an infant. Here are 3 reasons why physical contact is so vital for your infant’s well-being.  

Nurture Their Development

As a parent, you are always concerned about your infant ‘s development and whether he or she is reaching all the proper developmental milestones. In order to thrive, your infant must be provided with the adequate physical contact. Physical touch is absolutely necessary for your infant to make the most of his or her potential. Touch is vital for human survival and infants who fail to thrive are often deprived of touch. Great infant care in Anaheim will always focus on nurturing development through touch.

Promotes Healthy Attachment to Caregiver

The first relationship an infant has is with his or her caregiver. This relationship sets the stage for all future relationships. Physical contact helps to make sure that your infant develops a healthy attachment to you. Therefore, physical contact early in life is necessary for creating stable relationships in the future. Physical contact is a necessary and primal part of any good relationship. Therefore, it is important that you provide adequate physical contact.

Helps Give Them Confidence and Sense of Safety

Infants need reassurance that it is okay to explore the world. Physical contact helps to promote this sense of safety and well-being. Your constant touch is a reminder to your infant that they are looked after and cared for. Infants will therefore then get the courage to take risks and develop confidence in their abilities. Infants require a secure base to start from in order to feel a sense of safety in the world and physical contact is one of the best ways to help your child see you as a secure base. Infant care in Anaheim should emphasize your infant’s confidence in getting to know the environment safely.